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Freeze Dryer for Home Use


HarvestRight Home Freeze Dryer

When it comes to storing food long-tern, freeze drying  is the most effective way to store food. This is because freeze dryers retain 90% of nutrients and can rehydrate food by simply placing the food in water.

However, for a long-time freeze drying at home was impossible. That is until HarvestRight invented their Home Freeze Dryer machine.

We recommend HarvestRight because they are the first company to make freeze dryers for the home, and have continued to make quality freeze dryers, that can make food last a long time, and taste delicious. This is why they are still the brand people rely on to make freeze-dried food.

HarvestRight gives you ultimate control over your long-term food storage, as you con freeze dry just about anything from the comfort of your own home.

Waterdrop 2.25-gallon King Tank Gravity Water Filter System, With Stand

Waterdrop Gravity Water Filter System

Clean water ensures good health. It keeps your body hydrated, boosts your mood, and can be used for more than just drinking. However, it may not be accessible to everyone. Tap water is known to carry heavy metals and chemicals. So, to ensure your water is safe for drinking you should filter it before using it.

The Waterdrop Gravity Water Filter System is a water filtration system that removes the majority of harmful chemicals and metals found in tap water, at a fraction of the cost of other popular gravity filter brands. 

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Eagle Whole Home Water Filter

A whole home water filter system provides a near guarantee of clean water. Heavy metals, chemicals, and other pollutants are found in water that can make it unsafe for drinking. So, we always recommend filtering water before use. 

A whole home water system ensures that water in your home is safe for use, regardless of its source. The water from this system can be used for cleaning, cooking, drinking, bathing, and many other uses.

The Eagle Whole Home Water Filter has a 14-stage filtration process, that reduces heavy metals, chemicals, and pollutants from the water.

When you order through FilterWater.comyou will get a 10 year warranty on the filtration system.

Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Whether you are planning for SHTF, or simply living off-grid, an off-grid composting toilet will allow you to dispose of human waste without a plumbing system.

If we are honest, we all have to use a bathroom. But how do we dispose of waste in a hygienic way? This is where Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet will come in handy. This off-grid toilet was designed with the intention of reducing odors, separating waste, and aiding the composting process. 

To learn more about this composting toilet, read our review of the 6 Best Off-Grid Toilet Options in 2023.

Hike Crew Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump

Maintaining basic hygiene keeps away harmful bacteria and foul odors. However, this can be difficult to maintain when you are disconnected from a traditional plumbing system. By having a shower system powered by propane gas, ensures you can continue to take hot showers while living off-grid or even in an SHTF scenario.

The Hike Crew Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump is a portable shower system that is highly efficient and can be used in almost any situation. 

To learn more about this off-grid shower system, read our review of the 5 Best Off-Grid Shower Solutions.

REOLINK 4G LTE Cellular Outdoor Security Camera 

We want to make sure our property is protected, and being watched at all times. Although we can’t always be there, we can use cameras to scare off potential trespassers and monitor its surroundings.

We use the REOINK 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera for our property. We choose this security camera, because it is solar-powered, has two-way audio, has a 2K resolution camera, as well as uses smart motion detection analysis to detect if someone is approaching your house.

Tap Score Water Testing Kit

Just about all types of water are contaminated with some type of chemical, pollutant, or heavy metal before filtration. Yes, this includes rain water, city tap water, well water, and spring water. If I ever suspect my water of being contaminated, especially after a rainstorm or extreme weather event, I use a water testing kit. 

Testing you water annually is important, because consuming contaminated water can lead to potential illnesses from waterborne sources.

We have been using the Tap Score Water Testing Kit for years and it has consistently provided us with reliable and helpful information on the contents of our water.

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Crate Club

Crate Club

We don’t always have the time to find the latest gear, or even know exactly what we need. That is why we rely on a monthly subscription box from Crate Club. Crate Club boxes are designed by Survivalist and provide us with useful equipment for a SHTF scenario.

We have gotten medical kits, water purification kits, and survival gear from Crate Club, all of which are quality equipment. By having equipment we can use in the future come to our doorstep on a monthly basis takes off much of the stress of being a prepper.

Recommended Books

Our list of recommended books for preppers, homesteaders, and off-griders.

Over the years, Ellen and I have read dozens of books. Some good, but many were bad. In fact, we get a lot of inspiration for article topics based on the books we have read. This is a list of books we recommend, and were recommended to us by trustworthy friends. 

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