best off-grid appliances for a homestead

7 Best off-grid appliances for Homesteaders [2023]

There are many advantages of living on a homestead, but one of the challenges people have when transitioning to a new property is finding off-grid appliances. Regular appliances work really well, but they are not energy efficient.  

Fortunately, there are modern appliances made for off-grid use. Off-grid appliances are perfect for homesteaders because they are energy-efficient and can be used just about anywhere.

We have previously written about off-grid appliances, but in this article, we consolidated our favorite appliances by category.

What are the Best Off-Grid Appliances for Homesteaders?

Best Off-Grid Washing Machine | Comfee Portable Washing Machine

Best Off-Grid Dryer | Kenmore Gas Drying Machine

Best Off-Grid Freezer | Smeta Propane Freezer

Best Off-Grid Refrigerator | Smeta Propane Refrigerator

Best Off-Grid Stove and Oven| Cosmo Gas Range Stove

Best Off-Grid Heater | Bluegrass Living Propane Gas Vent

Best Off-Grid Shower System | Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower

Best Off-Grid Appliances


Comfee Portable Washing Machine

The Comfee Portable Washing Machine is powered by electricity, and designed to be energy-efficient. This off-grid washing machine uses 87.5% less electricity than traditional washing machines.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Our Thoughts On The Comfee Portable Washing Machine

We selected the Comfee Portable Washing Machine as our top washing machine because it provides many of the conveniences of living on the grid. From testing the Comfee Portable Washing Machine, we loved how it is a fully automatic washing machine that provides three water temperature options and six multiple-wash programs.

This machine is Department of Education (DOE) certificated for exceptional energy efficiency; it stands out by consuming 87.5% less energy compared to similar on-grid models while maintaining stable and durable motor performance. This can significantly lower your energy bill or reduce the amount of energy used by your off-grid appliances.

The washing machine is compact, with space-saving dimensions (21.63″ W x 22.25″ L x 37″ H), and it handles up to 15 lbs. of laundry effectively.

We did experience some design and functional issues with this washing machine.

For starters, the clothes at the top of the washing machine did not get as much water as clothes at the bottom of the washing machine. This makes sense as the machine is trying to limit water usage.

Also, when using the washing machine, water would spill out of the machine making a small puddle.

One other point to keep in mind when using it is that the pump filter needs to be cleaned out once amount to make sure it works properly and mold doesn’t build up. This tedious task has to be done to ensure the washing machine lasts a long time.


Kenmore Gas Drying Machine

The Kenmore Gas Drying Machine is a large dryer powered by propane gas. This dryer is designed and intended for off-grid use.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Our Experience with the Kenmore Gas Drying Machine

For drying clothes, we recommend the Kenmore Gas Drying Machine because it is a capable, high-functioning drying machine that is powered by propane gas. It has 7 cubic feet of capacity to ensure ample space, making drying clothes much easier.

The Kenmore Gas Drying Machine has a wrinkle guard feature that keeps tumbling your clothes after the drying cycle ends, preventing stubborn wrinkles from setting in.

The Kenmore Gas Drying Machine allows for four drying temperatures and an airdry option. This means you can dry both delicate and bulky material in the dryer.

One drawback of this drying machine is the fact you will need an exhaust vent in the room where you use the drying machine. So, this may be an additional cost for you if you don’t already have some form of ventilation.

Additionally, we feel compelled to let you know that we recommend sun drying over a drying machine. There are many benefits of sun drying, but a drying machine will come in handy if you want a faster and more efficient solution to drying your clothes.


Smeta Propane Freezer

The Smeta Propane Freezer is powered by propane gas, which means you can continue to use the freezer in most emergency scenarios.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Our Experience with the Smeta Propane Freezer

A freezer is one of the most useful tools and features for anyone living on a homestead.

The sleek Smeta Propane Freezer Refrigerator is an eco-friendly appliance perfect for off-grid living. This propane freezer weighs 159 Ibs and has dimensions of 39.6’’D x 28’’W x 37’’H, allowing it to fit all sorts of food items for long periods of time. We personally use this freeze to store our meats for long-term storage.

To power this freeze, it has a 2-way power selection between propane gas or 110V and has temperatures that range from 8°F to 53.6℉. The freezer’s propane capability makes it ideal for off-grid usage; however, its large size does mean it will use up 1.9 Ibs of gas per day.

Still, we think this is worth it if you expect to store meats, fish and other products that are preserved well in a freezer.

Since it’s powered by propane gas, the freezer is silent since it doesn’t have compressors or fans. This also means it doesn’t vibrate and has a low energy consumption compared to electric-powered freezers.

We highly suggest this propane freezer for people seeking an off-grid solution with lots of capacity and will work well for a long time.

As an alternative to gas-powered freezers, many people who live off-grid rely on traditional preservation methods that do not require any form of electricity. You should also consider traditional preservation methods before purchasing an off-grid freezer.


Smeta Propane Refrigerator

The Smeta Propane Refrigerator is another Smeta product powered by propane gas, which allows you to keep your food products cool as long as you have access to propane gas.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Our Experience with the Smeta Propane Refrigerator

If you have a homestead, in most cases, you will be using traditional storage methods like canning or dehydration to preserve foods. But in the instances where you’ll need a fridge, a propane fridge would be an ideal choice.

We recommend the Smeta Propane Refrigerator. We have used this refrigerator for years, and what we like most is that it can be powered through propane as well as with electricity, making it’s a reliable off-grid refrigerator.

It is small and compact, so it can be used while camping or while traveling in an RV.

It is a small refrigerator, only having 3.5 cubic feet of capacity and 0.5 cubic feet intended for freezer space. Still, it is enough to fit essential food items that need to be refrigerated.

This fridge goes through 0.9 gallons of propane a day. So, we recommend using a propane fridge when you need to store items that need refrigeration, like milk, eggs, or drinks.

For foods that don’t need refrigeration, we rely on more traditional storage methods, allowing you to store food items for many years at room temperature.


Cosmo Gas Range Stove

The Cosmo COS-965AGC Gas Range Stove and Oven is the ideal off-grid stove and oven because it is powered by gas, and is designed to allow you to cook all sorts of meals.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Our Experience with the Cosmo Gas Range Stove

The kitchen is the heart of every home. The meals you cook for your family ensure people grow big and strong. And it is where people have conversations and family memories are made. So, it is important to choose a stove and oven that allows you to make the best meals for your family.

Our pick for an off-grid stove and oven is the Cosmo COS-965AGC Gas Range Stove. We have this used this stove for years and continue to use it because it allows to have full control over our culinary creations.

It has five burners with a wide range of cooking options.  From a powerful 17,400 BTU burner for high-heat tasks to a delicate 5,000 BTU burner for simmering, low heat tasks, this stove offers precise control over your meals.

The oven is a generous 3.8 cubic feet, giving you a lot of space to bake, roast, or broil.

The Cosmo gas range stove is also made from stainless steel, meaning it is easy to clean and will last a long time.

One of the main drawbacks of this stove is if you intend to use propane gas, the liquid propane conversion kit is sold separately.

All in all, the Cosmo COS-965AGC Gas Range Stove seamlessly marries powerful cooking capabilities and designed to last a long time. Its versatile burners and efficient convection oven cater to a variety of cooking styles.


Bluegrass Living Propane Gas Vent

The Bluegrass Living Propane Gas Vent is an advanced heating appliance that functions well but also prioritizes safety to ensure no one in your home is exposed to harmful pollutants.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Our Experience with the Bluegrass Living Propane Gas Vent

Although there is nothing wrong with wrapping up in a blanket to keep warm during the cold winter months, it is sometimes better to rely on an off-grid heater. An off-grid heater keeps everyone inside your home warm and happy.

For an off-grid heater, we recommend the Bluegrass Living Propane Gas Heater. We were able to test out this product and loved the advanced safety features and how powerful this heater is.

The Bluegrass Living Propane Gas Heater emits 30,000 BTUs, which delivers warm air to about 1,400 sq. ft. It also has a smart thermostat that ensures a consistent room temperature, automatically adjusting the burner cycles.

One reason we chose this heater over a woodstove or another type of heater is that it doesn’t need an outside duct chimney.

One major concern of using propane heaters is the effect it has on air quality. Fortunately, this heater has a built-in oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) which swiftly shuts down the unit it detects poor air quality.

Another drawback of this heater is that it requires periodic maintenance, such as cleaning the burner and checking for proper ventilation. This is important to ensure safe usage and the heater functions properly.


Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower

The Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower is a propane-powered appliance made to replicate the on-grid shower experience.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Our Experience with the Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower

Wherever you are, maintaining hygiene is uber important. Regular showers reduce body odor, risk of infections, and simply boost your mood. So, if you are going to be off-grid, you should prioritize an off-grid shower system that works well and makes your experience pleasurable.

We have previously written about the Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower, and why it is the best off-grid shower solution. Our reason for this decision is that it is a reliable hot water shower system for off-grid usage.

This shower system allows temperatures as high as 142°F, and lets you switch between 3 spray patterns. When we use this shower system, it makes our experience enjoyable. The gas burner automatically shuts off when the water reaches temperatures between 142-149°F.

The Hike Crew shower also has a flow rate of 0.6 gallons per minute.

We also like the fact that this device can be used for more than just showering, as it can be used for dishwashing and hand washing.

One of the main draw backs of this shower system is the noise level. While not overly loud, there is a noticeable hum the heater is in operation.

Another drawback is that you will run through many gallons of propane gas. As you take daily showers, you should expect to use lots of propane gas to power your shower system.

Recommended Off-Grid Kitchen Appliances

Just as important as washing machines and heaters, there are kitchen appliances you should know about. Many people rely on electric coffee makers, dehydrators and food processors, but if you are looking to live off-grid you should also consider non-electric kitchen appliances. Below are some ideas.


All in all, there are many different categories for off-grid appliances. You likely won’t need all of them, but if you live off-grid, using these appliances will you save you hours each week.

Appliances were made to make our lives easier, so if you live on a homestead, don’t be opposed to using appliances. Just remember to use one’s that are energy efficient and can continue to work without access to electricity.

As you can tell, most of the off-grid appliances we selected are powered by propane gas. This is because propane-powered appliances function just as well as on-grid appliances, but they can be used just about anywhere as long as you have access to propane gas. Fortunately, propane gas is cheap and can be stored for over a decade.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

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People Also Ask

Do small propane tanks expire?

Propane tanks that weigh less than 100 pounds have an expiration date of about 12 years. Once those 12 years are up, they can be inspected for requalification for an additional 5 years of use.

Electric vs propane cost: which is more expensive?

It depends on the current market price of electricity and propane, where you are located, and what the energy will be used for. Propane gas is typically a cheaper to heat a home than electricity.

Propane vs electric: what is the environmental impact?

Propane gas produces low levels of air contaminants. Although it does emit CO2, propane gas is more environmentally friendlier than other fuel sources. Electricity emits no direct emission; however, the electricity production process does produce CO2 to make electricity a viable energy source.

Evaluation Criteria

To develop our evaluation criteria, we isolated each category from one another. We down selected a short list of products by category based on recommendations from homesteader friends and products we have used. We then evaluated products in each category by rating them on energy-efficiency, ease-of-use, size, design, and price. Each rating dimension is equally weighted, and we selected the overall best score as the recommended product for this list.

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