What is a Quantum Disinfection Water Filter and How Does it work? 

What is a Quantum Disinfection Water Filter and How Does it work? 

Not all water filters are created equal, and just because something has been considered safe doesn’t necessarily mean it works well. Plus, as demand for clean water continues to grow, and many people are turning to water filtration systems to help with their water needs, it is important to know of the different filtration methods on the market. One of the more recent innovations in water filtration technology are quantum disinfection water filters

Most people have yet to hear of quantum disinfection technology. However, you should know that quantum disinfection systems can provide your family with pure and clean drinking water while helping reduce the risk of contamination at the same time.

Research has shown that the top contaminants in water can range from lead to arsenic, which can be harmful to your health if consumed over a long period. A good water filter should remove impurities and pathogens to enjoy clean filtered drinking water at home

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What is Quantum Filtration?

Quantum water filters use advanced and proprietary technology that utilizes the principles of electron movement in quantum mechanics to remove impurities from water. 

The technology revolves around creating active catalytic surfaces supported by countless microscopic quantum particles. The quantum particles can bind with contaminants and substances in water, allowing them to be removed from the water and used for drinking.

Quantum filtration is a highly advanced way to clean your water without using chemicals harmful to the skin, intestinal tract, and other sensitive organs. 

It uses nanotechnology and quantum mechanics to remove impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa from your drinking water. This is a far more practical option than chemical water purification, which uses harsh chemicals that can have serious side effects such as skin irritations and diarrhea.

Quantum disinfectionQuantum filtration has been recognized as the only technology that instantly destroys 99.9% of all waterborne pathogens. By removing harmful bacteria and viruses from your drinking water, you are ensuring a safe way of getting clean water and protecting your health. There are many known side effects to drinking toxic chemicals, like cancer, liver damage, and neurological disorders. 

By using a quantum water filter system, you can be assured of getting the purest possible water without those side effects. You will also be helping animals, plants, and wildlife by preventing the spread of these contaminants into their environment.

Quantum filtration can help you get clean water even if it has been contaminated with pollutants like herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and radioactive elements. Hence you can rest assured that this purifier is a good investment. 

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How does a Quantum Water Filter Work?

A quantum disinfection water filter works in essentially two ways. The first way is the standard method of removing contaminants from water, which involves using standard membranes and microfiltration to remove more than 99% of all waterborne pathogens and chemicals, such as heavy metals. These filters use several membranes made of natural polymers to block harmful substances like lead, mercury, and other toxins that can be present in the water supply. 

While the standard water purification method works to remove impurities from a water sample, quantum water filters go one step further by eliminating the impurities that exist even during the filtration process. 

Quantum filtration uses technology that utilizes microscopic quantum particles capable of binding with contaminants in drinking water. By using quantum physics principles, impurities are broken apart into harmless elements.

water filter quantumThis technology can target a wide range of contaminants in the water sample, including pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. The process does not even remove all healthy nutrients from the water sample. 

For example, the frequency filters target cleaners can remove nearly all E Coli bacteria without removing any of the beneficial minerals and nutrients that are naturally present in water. This means you can enjoy pure water that has not been stripped of its nutritional benefits.

Quantum filtration does not use chemicals to remove impurities from your drinking water, so you don’t need to worry about the side effects of using them. There is no chance of skin irritation or liver damage.

Pros and Cons of a Quantum Disinfection Water Filter

Quantum water filters can offer several benefits to our health, from benefiting the environment to providing clean drinking water. However, there are also some drawbacks associated with the technology, so you must be aware of these before buying one. Below are the pros and cons related to the use of a quantum water filter.

The Pros

  • Enjoy a Healthy Living– Since quantum water filters do not use chemicals to purify water, you benefit from the healthy benefits of drinking clean and pure water. This includes reducing toxins such as heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and gas. You will also be helping your skin, digestive system, and other organs. 
  • Quantum Filters Reduce Waste– Since most traditional water filters use chemicals to purify water, they produce a fair amount of waste. For example, bottled water often has to be poured down the drain, which can significantly increase your carbon footprint. By using a quantum filter, you will get clean and pure water while reducing waste and helping the environment.
  • Decreased Costs– Using a quantum filter will save you money in the long run compared to using chemical purifiers. Using a good quality water filter allows you to enjoy fresh and clean drinking water at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Enjoy Better-Tasting Water– It is no secret that most bottled water is often muddied in taste by its chemicals and waste. While this is not true with all brands, many have unpleasant tastes and odors. By drinking clean water, you will enjoy fresh and good-tasting drinking water, which will be good for your health and taste buds.
  • No Electricity Needed– Quantum water filters require no electricity to operate. This makes it a reliable filtration system in the event the power goes out. Additionally, it can help reduce your utility bills when you use natural water sources. This way, you can use free water and treat it without electricity.

The Cons 

  • High Initial Costs– Some of the best quality quantum water filters can cost a lot of money. While this may be an investment in your health, it may not be affordable for everyone. You will need to look for a good quality, inexpensive filter that suits your budget.
  • Not Every Water Sample is Affected– While quantum filters are effective at targeting a variety of contaminants and pollutants, certain types of water samples may not be affected. For example, certain heavy metals and chemicals may not be affected by certain filters. You will need to make sure that your filter is capable of targeting the impurities that are present in the water sample in your area.
  • Frequent Maintenance– Because of the high level of accuracy that quantum filters provide, they are not as easy to maintain as standard cleaners. You will need to ensure your filter is operating well and that it is not damaged. It is also crucial that the water pipe it connects to is clean since cleaning debris can clog pipes and stop effective filtration.

Popular Quantum Water Filter Brands

So, have you thought of some brands selling quantum water filters? Below are some of the brands which are selling top-quality quantum water filters:

  1. Clarify Quantum Disinfection– Clarify Quantum Disinfection’s products can turn rainwater or river water into drinking water with no power at all. These filters are easy to install and use and are designed to ensure you get clean and pure drinking water.
  2. UltraPure Quantum Filter– Their products will last a long time and are meant to be installed under the sink.
  3. Pulsar Quantum Disinfection– This brand is also a favorite for many customers, offering a high-quality product with various services. Their products are designed to make your life easier, so you can enjoy using these filters.

Quantum Disinfection vs. UV Light

Quantum disinfection and UV light are used to kill bacteria and viruses in water. While quantum disinfection breaks the bonds between water molecules and bacteria, UV light kills these contaminants by exposing them to ultraviolet rays that break their DNA bonds. This can affect the health and growth of the bacteria, so they die off or become unable to reproduce. Both methods effectively stop or reduce bacterial growth in water, with many people choosing one or the other based on their personal preference. Both methods can remove harmful bacteria and viruses from water, so whichever is chosen will ensure you drink clean and healthy water.

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Final Thoughts

Quantum water filtration is a novel type of water filtration method that leverages quantum theory to bind sediments and contaminants to microscopic particles. This removes harmful parts of water from the water, making it safe for consumption. 

Quantum water filtration is a safe, reliable way to treat water. However, it is an expensive filtration system compared to other methods. 

Still, there are many pros to using this filtration method. It yields clean, healthy water that yields no waste and requires no electricity to operate. The main downsides of using a quantum disinfection filter are the upfront cost and the recurring maintenance.

However, by making the investment into a quantum disinfection water filter, it can help reduce your cost and concerns over water security over time.

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